The INTEGRA system is tailor-made for greenhouses that are already prepared for insect mesh during production. This means that the mounting profiles and the cover have already been included during the production of the greenhouse. This ensures a seamless connection of the mesh to the greenhouse, and results in the shortest labour-time.

Every roofsupplier has its own design for which we always have a suitable insect mesh system

An INTEGRA system provides the best connection with the smallest possible loss of light


The RETROFIT system is designed for greenhouses that are not prepared for insect mesh during construction. The system is custom made to fit and is thus supplied complete with mounting profiles and cover (cassette system).

We have a system that can be mounted from the inside as well as from the outside

The system can be assembled completely out of the box



The SIMPLEFOLD system is designed for greenhouses that are not prepared for insect mesh during construction, and where the budget is limited. The system is made from a straight piece of mesh, which is guided by elastic bands.

A very cost effective solution

The system can be assembled completely out of the box

PLAIN Insect Mesh Material


The PLANO insect mesh is flat insect mesh suitable for fixed seals in the deck or facade. For the mesh we use very thin yarn, which considerably increases the ventilation capacity of the mesh. The quality and therefore the lifespan of the product are very high.

A UV stability of 450 kLY guarantees a very long lifetime

We supply various widths that fit well with the dimensions of greenhouse

Guidance systems


The GAAS-FIX system consists of fiberglass rods, stainless steel connection springs and a prefab seam on the front of the mesh. The system protects against both blowing in and blowing out and can be mounted without tools.

The system is barely visible with two sleek white pins

The system is suitable for large window sizes and strong wind


The CORD-SYTEM system consists of a stainless steel hook that can easily be placed in the ridge. The hook is connected with a UV-stable cord with stainless steel hooks in the mesh. This ensures that the insect mesh cannot fall out due to wind or gravity.

The system is very cost efficient 

The system is suitable for smaller window sizes and moderate winds

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