Insect netting systems for professional greenhouses

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By continously improving and developing ourselves and meanwhile delivering the highest quality, we support the international horticultural market in the transition to fully protected and manageable crops, plants and flowers

Innovative insect netting systems of the highest quality


The entire design of the Ventiguard Multi-Fold system is aimed at making the installation as smooth as possible.

All profiles are prefabricated and tailor-made for the project. In addition, special attention has been paid to the stackability of the product, so that it takes up as little space as possible during transport and on the construction site.


The yarns of the Ventiguard Multi-fold system are made of polyester monofilament which are UV stabilized up to 1,200 KLY. This makes the product last for a very long time and is therefore a sustainable and stable investment.


The Ventiguard Multi-Fold system is equipped with an innovative monofilament yarn that ensures that the air permeability is constant and uniform. By applying a specific pleat geometry, a maximum surface is achieved, which optimizes the air permeability of the material.


The mesh system is clicked into the aluminum profiles using a special EPDM rubber.

By using this rubber, a very effective sealing system is achieved, which is waterproof and seamless.


At Ventiguard we use the GAAS-FIX. This patented system ensures that the mesh can no longer blow in or out. This system is designed in such a way that it can be mounted without tools. In addition, it offers support over almost the entire length of the product.

When the window is closed, the product absorbs so little light that you can hardly see it!


Considerable space saving is achieved by applying a special construction in the corners.

This results in a lighter construction, which gives a lower load on the window and reduces the risk of glass breakage.

This also reduces the filling of the mesh, which in turn is favorable for the air permeability and the light transmittance.

In the future, every greenhouse will be fitted with insect netting

As the world’s population grows to 9 billion people and the climate changes, the demand for safe food continues to grow, as does the amount of insects in the world. In order to keep up with the increasing demand and to keep production safe and stable, insect mesh systems are becoming an indispensable tool for every horticultural greenhouse.

Innovative products and solutions

Good air flow is beneficial for the greenhouse climate. The special folded layers in the mesh system make it optimal. As a result, plants and flowers grow better and CO2 and energy are saved.


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The components

Glasfiber Rods

The elongated rods are made of glass fiber. This glass fiber reinforced composite is known for its strength and excellent UV stability. Furthermore, the weight of this material is very low, so you get a very strong conductivity with a minimal weight.

Stainless steel connecting springs

The steel connecting springs are made of stainless steel spring steel so that they will never rust. In addition, they are designed to exert maximum grip on the pins and the greenhouse parts. This provides maximum security against blowing in and out of the mesh.

Connection Seam

The white canvas band sewn into the front of the mesh is extremely strong, abrasion resistant and stabilized for UV light. It allows the installer to attach the pins to the insect screen quickly and without tools.

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